Stand with BHA in Urging Kansas Decision Makers to Help Make More Public Land!

Kansas Backcountry Hunters & Anglers believes every Kansan deserves equal access and opportunity to hunt, fish and recreate. Public lands owned and managed by Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks (KDWP) are one great way access and opportunity is provided. Yet, as outlined in this video, a select few interest groups have used ideologically driven myths to wrongly stop private landowners from willingly selling their lands to KDPW. They’ve done this by passing legislation which unnecessarily restricts KDPW from making new public land purchases – a move we strongly disagree with. Sign the petition below to urge your Kansas Legislature to change the law restricting private landowners' right to willingly sell their lands to the state.

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As a hunter and angler that values the public lands that Kansas provides for hunting, fishing and recreation, I call on the Kansas Legislature to give farmers and ranchers the authority to sell property to the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks in a willing buyer and seller situation. There is no reason to restrict a farmer or rancher's right to sell their property as they wish. Private land owners should have the right to choose if they want their lands to become public – not the legislature. I stand with Kansas BHA in urging legislators to change this law.

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