Southeast Chapter Hosts Third Small Game Hunt in Florida

On Saturday, February 1st, thirteen sportsmen and women ventured forth into the Walk-in-the-Water Wildlife Management Area near Lake Wales Florida.  Undeterred by rain and dismal prospects for a successful harvest BHA members enjoyed a beautiful hike through terrain unique to the Mid-Florida Ridge while removing several pounds of trash in the process.


While only a handful of squirrels were seen due to the inclement weather, BHA member Michael Hilinski stopped a 160 pound feral hog with a well placed shot.  The area exhibited substantial damage from pigs and the boar was in the process of rooting when Mike put it down.  Fellow member Steve Whittum helped Mike drag the pig back to the trail head and load it for transportation.

Meanwhile life member James Boyce and his lovely wife Terisa met a hunter out in the management area, chatted with him about BHA and convinced him to join on the spot, during a downpour!  

Following the hunt member Adam Bass kindly leant his home on Lake Pierce to the group as a place to warm up, get dry and share fellowship.  While Mike Hilinski, Steve Whittum and Adam Bass processed Mike’s pig, member Steve Christian warmed up a delicious batch of sandhill crane gumbo. The crane was harvested on a West Texas trip Steve undertook in December with BHA members Jason Gonder, Jim Hasley and Clarke Morris.

The day served as a fine example of how public land brings great people together.

About James Hasley

Life member Jim Hasley served as Treasurer in the Southeast Chapter and is a Florida Chapter plank holder having served as Vice Chairman. He’s been plying the woods and waters of Florida and the Southeast for decades; he loves family, friends and food.

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