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The cold, clean waters that feed the Smith River, one of Montana’s most legendary waterways are threatened by risky copper mining proposals by a large, international corporation. Montana BHA is working hard on behalf of the Smith River, but we need all hands on deck. Sign up here to support the Smith.

A tributary of the Missouri River that runs through central Montana, the Smith is prized by anglers for its productive, blue-ribbon trout fishery. Boaters annually vie for a limited number of opportunities to take in the awe-inspiring sights on this popular backcountry float trip. The Smith River drainage is home to healthy populations of brown, rainbow, Westslope cutthroat and brook trout. In addition, the Smith offers a unique array of float-in backcountry hunting opportunities for mule deer, elk, turkey, black bear, waterfowl and more.

This quintessential Montanan hunting, fishing and boating destination is Montana’s only permitted river system, where public demand to float, fish and hunt exceeds the river’s capacity. Yet these opportunities could be lost if copper mining proposals from Tintina Resources are allowed to move forward.

If permitted, the proposed 12,000-plus acre Black Butte Copper Project would be developed within Sheep Creek – one of the Smith’s most important tributaries – thus threatening the $7 million that Smith River anglers generate each year. Tintina Resources has sunk huge sums of money to convince the public that this mine will be different from the many mines before this, gone wrong – abandoned mines that continue to dot the Montana landscape and require taxpayer-financed cleanup. We aren’t saying no to all mining…just not here. The Smith is just too special a place to defile.

Help BHA safeguard the best of Montana. Join BHA in urging Governor Bullock and Montana DEQ to conserve this backcountry hunting and fishing destination by signing this petition…

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