Show Your Support for Public Land Hunting and Fishing in Iowa

Iowa hunters and anglers rely on quality public land hunting and fishing opportunities to sustain their outdoor traditions – and Iowa Backcountry Hunters & Anglers is dedicated to protecting those opportunities.  We invite you join us in sending a short letter to your state legislator to urge them to support pro public land and water policies – and to reject attempts to put limits on new public lands in the state such as the currently pending Senate File 2312.    

With less than 3% of the Iowa’s land mass in the public trust, Iowans overwhelmingly understand the importance of the limited public land hunting and fishing opportunities available.  It is imperative that our state fish and wildlife agencies have the tools needed to pursue public land purchases from willing private landowners.    

Please join us in urging your legislators to support policies which promote – not hinder – public land ownership in the state of Iowa.   


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