SGB Dog Bench Show


Unlicensed Working Hunting Dog Show

This is a dog show for the worn-in, field tested working hunting dog. The rules are simple. There’s only two divisions.

Dogs 1 year or older can compete

Two All-Age Class Divisions

(males & females shown together)

  1. Hunting Beagle
  2. All Breed Hunting Working Dog 


  • Registered or Unregistered dogs welcome
  • No Female dog in estrous (heat cycle) can compete.
  • Please have your dog collared, leashed and under control at all times.

Registration begins at 0915 on Saturday, June 8. The show starts promptly at 0930. All dogs will be gaited around the ring and then put on the bench.


We're working on some cool prizes for folks, and it will certainly be a great time!! 

Come out and show us your purpose-bred working hunting dog.

Please contact Paul Skees at [email protected] for more information!!