Senator asks for poll to try to override governor’s veto of marijuana revenue redistribution bill

The Republican sponsor and backers of the broadly supported bill to make changes to how Montana’s marijuana tax revenue is dispersed have asked the Secretary of State to allow the legislature to consider overriding Gov. Greg Gianforte’s veto of the measure.

Gianforte’s veto of Senate Bill 442 last Tuesday came around the time the Senate voted to adjourn the 2023 legislative session, causing confusion for those who developed and supported the bill alongside its sponsor, Sen. Mike Lang, R-Malta, as to whether lawmakers would have a chance to try to override the veto they knew would be coming.

Several lawmakers and officials with knowledge of the law and legislative rules said since the Senate had adjourned, apparently shortly after Gianforte had vetoed the bill, but the House was still in session, the legislature would not be able to override the veto with a post-session poll.

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