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Brant Macduff
Taxidermist and Conservation Historian, come take a tour of the AMNH in NYC !

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answered 2020-06-20 19:07:39 -0600
Q: Any additional thoughts?
A: It still felt like a gathering, which surprised me. You guys did a great job, I can’t fathom the last min re-tooling that must have required. Thanks!

answered 2020-06-20 19:06:08 -0600
Q: Was the pricing structure fair?
A: Full disclosure, I was provided my tickets because I was slated to speak this year but had to be moved to 2021. I don’t honestly remember the ticket cost.

answered 2020-06-20 19:04:00 -0600
Q: Do you think Rendezvous in Missoula next year should have virtual/online components?
A: Ha, that’s what I just said! Yes! For those who can’t attend.

answered 2020-06-20 19:03:02 -0600
Q: Would you like to see more events like this going forward?
A: If in-person gatherings continue to be unsafe, then yes. But either way I think it could be cool to continue a live stream version in the future for those who can’t attend a physical gathering. I think people would still prefer to get together in person (as long as it’s safe) but I don’t see a reason you couldn’t continue to sell online tickets to those who can’t/ don’t want to travel.

answered 2020-06-20 18:58:21 -0600
Q: Did you participate in the online auction?
A: No

answered 2020-06-20 18:58:14 -0600
Q: Did you participate in the sweepstakes?
A: No

answered 2020-06-20 18:58:07 -0600
Q: Did you watch events after they were live?
A: yes

answered 2020-06-20 18:57:58 -0600
Q: Did the start time work for you?
A: yep

answered 2020-06-20 18:57:48 -0600
Q: Did live streaming work for you?
A: For the most part. I did experience some glitches and delays however.

answered 2020-06-20 18:56:59 -0600
Q: What did you think of the platform (Crowdcast) on which we hosted Virtual Rendezvous?
A: I was very impressed. Well organized, easy to use, and I liked that I could go back and rewatch things or catch talks I missed. I didn’t have to choose between seminars.

answered 2020-06-20 18:55:08 -0600
Q: What would you like to see less of?
A: I think you do a good job of balancing education with instruction and goofy fun.

answered 2020-06-20 18:53:30 -0600
Q: What would you like to see more of?
A: I love learning from and being taught by experts. It was great to hear some science from biologists and tips and tricks from professional guides.

answered 2020-06-20 18:49:52 -0600
Q: Rate overall Virtual Rendezvous
A: 8

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