Scott Reekers, Co-Chair

Scott ReekersSouthwest Wyoming is where I live and call home. The mountains are a second home and always will be. My first backpacking trip was in the 4th grade with my Dad and a group of teens from church, I was the first one to the lake. My addiction to places off the beaten path has grown ever since, turning into an addiction to hunting out of a backpack miles from other hunters.

Elk and elk hunting have been a part of life for just as long and I hope to hear the fall bugles for years to come. Learning how to hunt them has taken the better part of 20 years with still much to learn.

My extended family is from NW Iowa and when Dad moved to Wyoming he had to learn how to hunt the west on his own. He did his best to teach me everything he learned before I started hunting. The best lesson learned is that our feet will always be the best tool for hunting elk.

Last May I was married and have since gotten to introduce my Southern Mississippi bride to elk and elk hunting. She also deserves credit for giving up beef to eat elk just about every night of the week. I couldn’t live the outdoor lifestyle without her support for my passion.

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