Petition: Sign to Champion Public Access to Inaccessible Sabinoso Wilderness

For years sportsmen and women have worked to gain access to the 16,000 acre, landlocked Sabinoso Wilderness in northeastern New Mexico, but until recently victory seemed out of reach. 

Recently, however, a private Trust has offered to donate 4000+ acres to be added to the current 16,000 acres of wilderness, which will enable public access to this storied fish and wildlife habitat. With a signature, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke can accept the donation – and all public lands sportsmen would be able to hunt, fish and recreate in our Sabinoso Wilderness.

Sign here to ask Secretary Zinke to keep his word to promote public access for sportsmen and other public lands users. Tell him you want to hunt, fish and recreate on your Sabinoso Wilderness!

Who's signing

Paul Planer
Richard Shaw
Jared Hooser
Matthew Strome
Jeremiah Fett
Jeremiah Peery
Joshua Parris
Jeffrey Sheehan
Lance Woodard
Linwood Bubar
Manse Draper
Lee Bussey
Ryan Potter
2,123 signatures

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