Vendor Booth Information

Thank you for letting us know your intention to attend BHA's 12th annual North American Rendezvous. Prices for booth spaces are $500 for governmental agencies and for-profit companies and $300 for non-profit organizations. You're welcome to begin setting up your booth as early as Thursday morning and would appreciate all booths being set up by 9 AM at the latest on Friday. Booth takedown can be done after 6 PM on Saturday or before noon on Sunday. Lastly, this event is a fundraiser for our efforts to protect our wild public lands and waters. While vendors are permitted to sell products, BHA politely requests that vendors donate a % back to the organization.

All booth spaces will be located in the middle of all the action and everyone will have strong foot traffic and the ability to interact deeply with the BHA community. A big part of the afternoon on Friday and Saturday will be our seminars, which will consist of Food, Field Skills, and Conservation /Policy. Each of these areas will have simultaneous seminars going during the day. Around these building will be vendor building of a similar vein. From fishing and hunting gear in the field skills area to food, and cooking vendors in the Wild Food area. To join in the fun, we are encouraging all vendors to have their own mini skills presentations at their booths. These presentations can be included in the Rendezvous schedule packet to ensure maximum attendance at your booth.

***We are booked up! Want to be on the waiting list? Email Josh Mills for more info!***