Rendezvous 2018 - Storytellers

Meet our 2018 Storytellers


Ian Malepeai


Ian Malepeai is happily married to his "trophy wife" Hailey, and lives in Boise Idaho with their two daughters Malia (4) and Maya (1). Ian loves dragging his family on outdoor adventures that they thank him for later, and is always 2 hours late from his stated time of return on fishing/hunting trips with friends. He is a passionate fly fisherman, archery elk hunter, and chukar hunter - and thinks that his Vizsla is the best bird dog to have ever lived. As if he doesn't have enough hobbies in the fall, he also likes to impersonate a college football referee on the weekends.

Kris Millgate


Outdoor journalist Kris Millgate is the owner of Tight Line Media. The Idahoan is also a trail runner, fly fisher and kid hockey coach.

Steven Rinella


Steven Rinella is a prolific author and the host of the MeatEater TV show and The MeatEater Podcast.

Remi Warren


Remi Warren is a writer (Western Hunter Magazine), outdoor tv host (Solo Hunter TV), and a western big game hunting guide, sharing his knowledge hunting public lands across the west.

Rachel VandeVoort


Rachel VandeVoort is a recreationally opportunistic Montana girl whose happy place is floating in a raft down a river.  She is currently directing the Montana Governor’s Office of Outdoor Recreation. 

Tyler Crockett


Tyler Crockett was born and raised on a ranch in Indian Valley, Idaho, and grew up with an appreciation for the outdoors and God’s Creation. He was introduced to hunting by his father and remembers chasing deer and elk on the mountains as a little guy.

After graduating from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a degree in public relations, Tyler hit the rodeo trail as a professional bull rider. Since retiring from the bull riding arena, hunting has become his new source of adrenalin. He put down the bull rope and picked up a bow.

Tyler looks forward to sharing his knowledge and experiences with others, especially his two daughters and two sons — just as his dad did with him.

Tyler is truly blessed and thankful that his wife of 14 years supports him in his hunting adventures and shares in his passion for the great outdoors. Tyler's family currently lives in the mile-high country of Donnelly, Idaho, where he is surrounded by the mountains that have become his livelihood.

Yvon Chouinard


Spending 140 days a year in the natural world, Chouinard learned early in his life as an alpinist, surfer and fly fisherman the seriousness of the environmental crisis—he brought this knowledge to bear on his work. In the late 1980s he instituted Patagonia’s earth tax, pledging 1 percent of sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment which has now reached $90 million to grassroots environmental groups.