Rancher and Wilderness Advocate Cecil Garland Recognized by BHA

By Jay Banta

Cecil was a treasured friend since we first met in Utah's West Desert in 1981.  A true oxymoron, he was the first cattle rancher I had ever met who was a passionate and active wilderness advocate.  It cost him dearly when he lived in Montana, and it continued to cost him socially during the remainder of his life in Utah.  Many like to "talk the talk", but when the price becomes too high, they give up "walking the walk."  But never Cecil.  We didn't always see eye to eye on everything but I always held him in high respect.  He was a grassroots activist that knew how to get things done.  He was on a first name basis with a succession of Governors as well as our Federal delegation.

Cecil always regarded his efforts with the Scapegoat Wilderness as perhaps his greatest accomplishment.  I think it quite a legacy.  Rest in peace my wilderness warrior friend.  We will carry on the fight.

A full profile of Cecil can be found here.

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