Rachel L. Carson Award

Rachel Carson is most notable for her work, Silent Spring, and its contributions to the ban of DDT and other pesticides. However, Carson began her contributions to conservation advocacy through writing much earlier in her 30’s, when her essay Undersea was published in the Atlantic Monthly in 1937. BHA’s Emerging Leader Award will be named after her in acknowledgment of her contribution to conservation and to inspire young leaders to follow in her footsteps continuing to work and speak out on behalf of wildlife and wild places.

Purpose: The creation of this award at the North American Rendezvous serves to acknowledge and reward new and emerging young leaders. The award places the recipient among long-time, dedicated leaders in conservation, motivating the recipient to continue their work on behalf of public lands, water, and wildlife.

Description: This award is intended to acknowledge a young leader who has gone above and beyond in their contributions to the conservation, hunting, or angling communities. Nominees should:

  • Demonstrate initiative to execute innovative ideas for the benefit of wildlife, habitat, or public land or water
  • Seek to develop and strengthen professional relationships and collaborations with diverse entities in their line of work
  • Professionally uphold BHA’s mission and values and the standards of fair chase

*To nominate an emerging leader for the Rachel L. Carson award, look our for our awards nomination portal on the Rendezvous landing page or email [email protected].


2020 - Kyle Hildebrandt (University of Minnesota club founder and President)

2021 - Jeffrey Edwards (University of Wisconsin Stevens Point club President)

2022 - Mateen Hessami (University of Montana club President, University of British Columbia club founder and Vice President)

2023 - Harrison Stasik (University of Wisconsin Stevens Point club President)