Collegiate Program Pillars

BHA's Collegiate Program is built upon 5 pillars:


Community: Our public lands and waters are best shared with friends

We are committed to building a community of conservation minded young adults who value our public lands, waters, wildlife, and hunting and angling heritage. Within each university, our clubs strive to create a group of friends and acquaintances who share their passions for the outdoors through hunting, angling, or any other activity enjoyed on our public lands and waters. People are more likely to spend time outdoors and give back through conservation when they have a community to share it with.



Stewardship: Protecting public lands for future generations

We are all collective owners of millions of acres of public land throughout North America that were set aside as a part of the public trust. As public land owners, it is our duty to protect and manage these lands in a sustainable way and to advocate for their continued existence for future generations to enjoy. Our clubs are dedicated to giving back to their public lands and waters through local stewardship projects that benefit our wild places.



Education and Advocacy: Empowering tomorrows conservation leaders

We strive to cultivate future leaders in conservation by providing strong foundational education in hunting, angling, and the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation through workshops and mentorship opportunities. In addition, we provide opportunities for college leaders to engage in administrative and legislative public lands advocacy efforts at a local, state/provincial, and federal level. To motivate students to continue their work on behalf of wild places, we are dedicated to providing educational, professional development, and networking opportunities.



Inclusivity: Public lands and waters are for everyone


Public lands were set aside for the enjoyment of all regardless of ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, age, etc. In our collegiate clubs, everyone is welcome.





Adventure: Find your backcountry

Backcountry means different things to different people. At BHA we think of it more as a mindset rather than a place. It’s the places we retreat to, to find a connection with nature, challenge the body, clear the mind, and reset the soul. We are dedicated to helping our student members find the adventure, challenge, and solace they seek.