Preserving our wild places

eric-lynnAs a hunter, angler, father of four, small-business owner and 25-year veteran of the Air Force, I appreciate the wild places that I am so blessed to be able to enjoy in this great nation, especially in Colorado's wild public lands and waters.


Whether I'm packing out an elk with my rescued "wild" burros, chasing trout on the Arkansas River, or just out for a day hike with my family, it is places such as Brown's Canyon that sportsmen like me seek out to experience the solitude, challenge and overwhelming reward that I yearn for. That's why I was excited about the work that was being done to protect the beautiful Browns Canyon section of the Arkansas River.

Sen. Mark Udall will introduce legislation to preserve the natural beauty of Browns Canyon for future generations. I want to thank Sen. Udall for his efforts to maintain this magnificent area of sweeping views, abundant fisheries and diverse wildlife habitats.


I would also like to thank the countless folks who have steadily fought to make the dream of designating Browns Canyon as a national monument a reality.


From an economic standpoint, this legislation will be a boon to local businesses and whitewater rafting outfitters. Udall's legislation will ensure this section of river will remain wild and offer thrill seekers an unforgettable experience in the backcountry while aiding the local community.
It is comforting to know there are organizations like Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, and elected officials such as Sen. Udall who make it a priority to champion the cause of preserving our wild places.
Thanks to them my children will be able to experience the Colorado backcountry as I have and as so many before me.
Eric Lynn , Colorado Springs
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