Explore Hunting Workshop Portland, Oregon Photo Recap

In July, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers and Hunters of Color hosted a free, all-inclusive, two-day workshop for those who wanted to learn more about hunting, wild food and the conservation community. Day One consisted of an evening at the Filson Portland Store, where we had free-flowing conversations about conservation groups and actions in the Oregon and Washington areas.

Day One started at the Filson Store in Portland, OR.

Event speakers are excited to introduce people to hunting. From left to right: Antonio Salgado with ODFW, BHA R3 Coordinator Trey Curtiss and Non-Lead Partnership's Leland Brown.










Door prize winners show off their winnings from BHA Corporate Partners Work Sharp and Filson.

On Day Two, participants headed to the FINEX Cast Iron Cookware Co.'s headquarters to learn about getting started hunting...followed by a discussion about where to go if you're interested about learning more and staying connected with the conservation and hunting communities. 

From left to right: Lydia Parker with Hunters of Color, Leland Brown with Non-Lead Partnership, Eric Thompson of Hardwired Outdoors and Joshua Hood of Modoc Bows.

Washington and Oregon Chapter Coordinator Chris Hager leads a seminar on turkey hunting.

Non-Lead Partnership's Leland Brown leads a seminar on preparing your pack for a backcountry hunt. 

Attendees learning the basics of breaking down upland game. 


Hunters of Color's Jimmy Flatt prepares chukar, pheasant and quail legs for attendees. 


A huge thank you to everyone who attended our first ever Explore Hunting workshop in Portland, Oregon! A very special thank goes to Filson and Finex for hosting these events!

Interested in hunting but don't know where to begin? See upcoming events near you in the Explore Hunting workshop series, including Aug. 12-13, 2022, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Aug. 19-20 in New York City

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