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Karl Findling
Karl J. Findling, serves as the Central Region, Habitat Ambassador, Central Region Rep. Board of Director, for the Oregon Chapter, of BHA. He is the former Owyhee Sportsmen Coordinator, for BHA, and Lands Conservation Director for the Oregon Hunters Assoc

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@Packworks retweeted @Backcountry_H_A 2018-08-27 15:21:36 -0600
We hosted the inaugural #AnglingforAccess event on the South Fork of the Snake River last week. @OrvisFlyFishing an…

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From national parks to neighborhood parks, the #LWCF works to conserve America’s most valuable resources. Click to…

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From the #backcountry to the backyard #LWCF has secured recreational access to #publiclands near you. Learn more h…

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Watch the latest episode of This American Land featuring our very own @LandTawney who takes host Ed Arnett on a pub…

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A tip of the hat to BHA'r Jenna Rozelle and the New England Chapter for putting together a mentoring program in the…

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68% of BHA’s members are 45 or younger. America’s younger hunting and fishing generation is a major non-partisan pl…

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We're proud to fight for access in the places hunters need it most. Wyoming BHA is on it when it comes to landlocke…

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House members ignored special interest interference today, passing a clean National Defense spending bill with over…

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[email protected]SenatorBurr and @SenCoryGardner CRUSHED IT on the Senate floor earlier today in support of permanent reauthorizat…

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Turns out, when it comes to keeping public lands public, we're better together. Thanks to #PublicLandOwner Yvon C…

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BHA is in Denver at Outdoor Retailer this week building partnerships across the industry and rallying our…

@Packworks retweeted @Backcountry_H_A 2018-07-19 23:02:00 -0600
Today @DeptofDefense made it clear that greater sage grouse does not impact our military readiness. Send a letter…

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Action Needed: Send a tweet here asking your congressman to stand up for one of America’s most important sources of…

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Report illegal OHV use, protect public lands, earn $500. One Idaho BHA member did just that. More here >>…

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“You are just empowering and emboldening those who disrespect the people who are there to manage these lands for al…

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We boast of a membership that meets in the middle, and we're proud to have conservatives working in the ranks of BH…

earned +20bgl for Congress Web: Tell Congress: Stand Up for Our Public Lands 2018-07-03 22:34:58 -0600

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The push to privatize your public lands is alive and well. It's time for every #publiclandownber to join us in urg…

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@Backcountry_H_A @outdoorlife At number one now!! Fish on!

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Our public waters extend to so many incredible protected areas within our borders. Here are a few #AccessOurWaters-…

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