BHA Represented in Gov. Appointed Advisory Committee


Oregon chapter board member, Chris Hager, is one of nine Oregonians named by Governor Kate Brown to chair the Oregon Conservation and Recreation Advisory Committee. The committee is charged with reviewing Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) policies regarding allocations of the Oregon Conservation & Recreation Fund and making recommendations to the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission. The fund was created by HB 2402 in the 2015 Legislative Session in order to develop an additional funding mechanism for Oregon to conserve natural resources and connect residents to education and recreation in the outdoors. The goal is to reduce the financial burden on hunters and anglers so that more Oregonians will pursue these sports and work to support fish, wildlife, and their habitats in the process.

Hager’s appointment on this committee will allow him to leverage his leadership at BHA in conjunction with his work as Executive Director of Northwest Steelheaders, in an effort to advocate for projects that will benefit species and habitats identified in the Oregon Conservation Strategy.

"This advisory committee has a lot of potential and could be the future of conservation funding models as hunter and angler engagement continues to decline,” Hager said.

“I am excited to start working on conservation and recreation issues pertaining to Oregonians while keeping the voice of anglers and hunters at the table. In my mind, this is a win for conservation and an investment for the future of our fisheries and wildlife."

Oregonians are encouraged to show their support for fish and wildlife conservation by generating $1 million for the fund. Once this goal is achieved, the state’s general fund will match with an additional $1 million.

*Content edited from original, authored by Alix Soliman.

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