OPINION: Why All Montanans Should Support In-Person Hunters Ed

In Montana, new drivers are required to take an in-person driving test before being allowed to legally operate vehicles. As a high school teacher, I had to be visually observed and evaluated to obtain my credentials. But currently, if you want to pass hunter’s ed in Montana, no such in-person requirement is needed, not even for firearm safety. This must change.

In 2020, wanting to limit in-person exposure when the pandemic hit, the Department of FWP pivoted to an entirely web-based course for hunter’s ed. Since then, FWP has decided to stick with that change. No longer are in-person classes required for hunter’s ed.

Online trainings have their place. They’ve made education of all sorts more attainable for vast numbers of people. Oftentimes this is more convenient, cheaper, more consistent and provides efficiencies from the educators’ standpoint. Hunter's ed is no different in that regard, and much of the course could and should continue to be offered online.

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