OPINION: Hunters and anglers, pay attention

Whether it's repeated attempts to privatize our wildlife or attacks on public access, Montanans have had plenty to complain about recently.

While the legislature and Gov. Gianforte have been busy enacting laws like HB 635 from Rep. Kassmier (R-Fort Benton) — which guarantees deer and elk tags to large out-of-state landowners — and HB 637 from Rep. Berglee (R-Joliet) — which established tag giveaways for outfitters and sweetened the deal for landowners who want premium elk permits - resident hunters continue to express concerns over increasing hunter crowding and declining public access.

Sen. Flowers (D-Bozeman) attempted to corral the growing issue of non-resident hunting pressure with SB 525. This would have established caps on nonresidents but failed on party lines.

Sen. McGillvray (R-Billings) took the opposite approach by attempting to give even more deer and elk licenses to nonresidents with SB 305. Is this what Montanans want?

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