OPINION: Clarity, finally, in the Crazy Mountains

The long-simmering debate over public access finally had a hearing in court earlier this month. We take no joy in filing lawsuits; this is always our least preferred option to settle conflicts. It’s our last resort.

However, the situation in the Crazy Mountains, where landowners have been illegally blocking public trails and the United States Forest Service isn’t doing anything about it, was one of these scenarios where we have no choice. So, in 2019, we reluctantly resorted to legal action. And now, we’re sure glad we did.

The great thing about the courtroom is that high-priced communication consultants from the Yellowstone Club are left at the door; inside U.S. Magistrate Judge Cavan’s chambers, only the facts matter. While we are not lawyers and don’t claim to know how the judge will rule, we were there, and we watched the hearing unfold. We’re confident that the facts remain firmly in our corner.

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