Oklahoma HB 3280 Dies In The Senate

For the 3rd consecutive year the Oklahoma Legislature has attempted to limit public land percentages, while also trying to impose government overreach into the rights of private land owners. The latest attempt HB3280 would limit the amount of public land owned by the State, state agencies, and federal government to no more than 10% of the total land in the state. Additionally, all easements granted to or reserved by the federal government or the State will be for 30 years or less. Any easements owned by the State or any state agency for more than 30 years will be released and relinquished.  

As we have done in the previous legislative sessions BHA sounded the alarms, and joined forces with ODWC, and local municipalities. Crossing parties lines and erecting significant road blocks that ultimately forced the author too removed title. This bill did narrowly pass the House, but with continued education, and pressure the bill died in the Senate.  

We expect to see another version of this bill in 2023, but believe with the continued support of BHA National, and local state members we can and will defend and protect the interests of public lands in the state of Oklahoma.  

About Joshua Stratton

Joshua Stratton comes to Backcountry Hunters & Anglers with 20 years of experience in the hunting and fishing industry. His passion for public lands and protecting them has made him a strong advocate for BHA.