Illegal Motorized Use Program

All Americans have a right to enjoy our public lands and waters – but no small minority has a right to damage shared public treasures or ruin the experience of others enjoying the great outdoors. Most of us can tell stories of stalks ruined, peace and quiet shattered and wildlife spooked by illegal off-road driving.

To help encourage sportsmen and public land users to continue our longstanding tradition of policing our own ranks, BHA offers a reward of up to $500 in rewards for reports or information leading to a citation for illegal motorized use. Report illegal off-road use to your local game warden and/or land manager (see info. needed below) and help ensure that we continue to have quality habitat, hunts and access for all.

If you witness illegal motorized use, collect the following and report it to your local warden or Law Enforcement Officer. Get as much information as possible while avoiding confrontation. Do not risk your own safety while getting the information.

  1. Date, location and description of the incident - when, where, what and who you saw. Collect as many details as possible, including GPS points, name of road or trail head, etc.
  2. Photos of the identification number from the vehicle's permit, serial number, and/or the license plate of the owner's truck.
  3. Photos, supporting statements from other witnesses and any other documentation that you can safely gather.

If you are interested in claiming a reward through BHA's Illegal Motorized Use Reward Program, please send us an email with "Illegal Motorized Use Reward Program" in the subject line. Please include the information listed above, in addition to details on:

  1. How your report helped lead to the conviction of the illegal motorized user.
  2. Name and contact information for the officer that made the citation.
  3. Status/result of prosecution (For instances involving active court cases, BHA may delay reward payment until after the case is closed.)
  4. To receive a reward, you must provide adequate photos and a personal account of the incident for a blog post that highlights the value of this reward program.

Make a tax deductible contribution to support BHA's work to

curb illegal motorized use here.

A similar reward program exists for illegal dumping on public lands. To encourage good stewardship, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers offers a reward of up to $500 to individuals who report information on illegal dumping that leads to a citation.

All the information above applies. If you are interested in claiming a reward through BHA's Illegal Dumping Reward Program, please send us an email with "Illegal Dumping Reward Program" in the subject line.

*Note: LEO's are not eligible to receive rewards for cases they are on duty for or have written citations for.