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"Hello Ohio hunters, anglers, and public land enthusiasts,

Do you feel the change in the air? The days are getting shorter, the mornings are starting to have a crispness to them, and the stinging nettles are losing their bite. Soon enough, the fall outdoor seasons will begin, and we will again build stories of the woods and water. It is a good time for people who love the outdoors in Ohio.

Change comes to all things, and the leadership of the Ohio BHA is also changing. Tony Ruffing has decided to step down as Chair of the Ohio BHA board. Tony has led our organization since it's inception. He has helped develop the reach and influence of BHA in Ohio through his honesty and consistency, and has been a trusted advisor in matters of the outdoors and conservation to many. He's a true gentleman in the best sense of the word, funny and a little weird, tough as nails, but kind. He's raising a badass little public land stomper, and tending to a growing business, but I know he also thinks about he can best pass knowledge and understanding down to the next generation, be that the next generation of kids, or board leaders. While Tony is stepping down he's assured us that he won't be stepping out, and will remain on the board helping to develop policy for the chapter. Also retiring from the secretary position but remaining on the board is Nathan Voris. I'm not sure, but I suspect Nate will use the extra time to Hike to Hunt more, or develop new insults to hurl at Tony. These two join the lovely and talented Jon Ingram in Executive Board Emeritus status. Jon was succeeded in his role as Board Co-Chair by the also talented Henry Distad some months ago. All users of public land in Ohio owe Tony and Jon and Nate a debt of gratitude, and it's been a great honor to serve on the board with each of them. 

With that, I'm honored to announce that Levi Arnold will take the role of secretary and I'll be taking the role of Chair. These are both big responsibilities that Levi and I take seriously, but it's work that I love and do with joy, and I know Levi feels the same. We've planned a big September to celebrate the upcoming seasons and Public Lands Day, and will be announcing events in the coming weeks. I look forward to getting to know you, and I want to hear how we can help in your neck of the woods. In return, we'll let you know what we're concerned about on the state and national level, and how you can help on those fronts. Events and cleanups are great fun and certainly have a real impact impact, but our long term impact depends on success on a larger scale via legislation and expansion of public lands. I look forward to what we will do, and thank all Ohio BHA members for your support of and dedication to preserving our shared land.

Tight lines and short blood trails,

Dustin Lindley

About Jameson Hibbs

I am a Chapter Coordinator for the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers covering Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, and Oklahoma. I reside in Kentucky with my wife and daughter. We are all avid users of public lands for all outdoor recreational

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