NY sends comment into NYSDEC on OGC-9 Public Rights to Navigation and Fishing

NYstreamaccess.jpgOn June 14, 2024 The New York Chapter submitted a comment to NY Department of Environmental Conservation in regards to OGC-9 Public Rights to Navigation and Fishing. 

Access to some streams and rivers in NY have been contested over the years as to who has the right to navigate or fish stretches of these rivers.  The original draft of the policy was published in 1991 and since then has been updated a few times.  The latest update appears to have NYDEC stepping away from a prescriptive response to access rights enforcement and seems vague on the discussion of public fishing rights (PFR) that NYSDEC has secured with landowners and open to the public over the years. NY Chapter has address these issues in their comment letter.

The DEC says this draft update is intended to address the need for additional guidance regarding the public rights of navigation and fishing on navigable waters. As such, this document will serve as General Counsel Policy with respect to the public right of navigation and fishing on navigable waters within NY for use by DEC staff and the general public, but will no longer be considered enforcement guidance for NYS DEC staff.

Policy OGC-9 is only a draft at this point and we will continue to monitor the progress of this policy and surely speak up for the public access to streams and rivers across NY.  

Also, if you see any areas that should be public access through the PFR program (Link to NYSDEC Info Locator Map showing PFR Streams) that are posted to trespassing be sure to let the NY Chapter and NYSDEC know of the infraction.

Link to the submitted letter here.

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