Northwestern Chapter Leaders

Brett Jones - Regional Director

thumbnail.jpgBrett was born in Colorado Springs, Colo., and moved to the West Slope when he was 3 years old. He grew up hunting and fishing with his dad, grandpa and cousin. “My dad was always the first to push my boundaries in the outdoors,” Brett said. They moved to Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, when he was 10 and, in his words, “Spent that year exploring the depth of what a life outdoors really meant.”

After moving back to Colorado, mule deer, elk and pronghorn were his focus. Later on moose and sheep become part of the hunting game plan. He’s also still looking for “that mule deer we all dream about.” Brett is a turkey hunter too. “Turkey hunting became a passion of mine while working in Wyoming,” he said, “and I try to hunt turkeys with friends as often as possible.” 

After completing a Bachelor of Science in Forest Management at Northern Arizona University (1993) and a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology (1997) at Colorado State University, Brett worked for the Colorado Division of Wildlife and later the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. After returning to Colorado, he spent 13 years-plus with the Grand Junction Fire Department. “I currently own a Coffee Roasting business in Fruita,” Brett explains. “I have enjoyed spending more time hunting and exploring the west since retiring from the Fire Department.”  

“I am lucky enough to recently be engaged to my incredible fiancé, Beth, who has changed my life,” Brett adds. “We are planning several trips across the west and then the country. I am getting back into archery hunting and she wants to be a part of that by taking a turkey with her bow this spring. I used to take for granted public land was just always there, I see now we need to foster that resource and make sure is stays around for future generations.”

Central West Slope Regional Director, Craig Grother (a retired USFS biologist—with 33 years of experience—who resides in Norwood), said: “Both Lee and Brett assisted on our service projectinstalling a gate in the Dominguez-Escalante Wilderness Area, where illegal motorized vehicle use was occurring. They’re great guys and are perfect choices to represent BHA in the Grand Junction area.”

“Lee and Brett are active BHA members-volunteers and, now, leaders. We’re lucky to be on the receiving end of their passion for wildlands and wildlife, public lands and boots-on-the-ground advocacy,” said Colorado BHA co-chair, David Lien (a former U.S. Air Force officer). “Our members in the Grand Junction-Grand Valley and Mesa County region will benefit greatly from their lifetimes of hunting-angling experiences and public lands knowledge. We need many more like them.”

Becca Fowler - Assistant Regional Director

Becca_Fowler.jpegBecca was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and moved to Durango, Colorado, when she was nine. She is an adult-onset hunter who was inspired to become a hunter after joining Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. “I joined BHA about 4 years ago,” she said. “I heard about BHA working for Seek Outside. I became a life member at Rendezvous 2019!”

“I attended Rendezvous 2018 for work and I fell in love with the work, the people and the atmosphere. It inspired me to become a hunter,” she says. “I spent a good portion of the summer preparing and went on my first elk/bear hunt last fall … it was an amazing experience!” Becca’s hunting mentor was Angie Timm, co-owner of Seek Outside.[1] “She helped me get as ready as you can be for your first hunt,” Becca said.

Becca’s husband is also new to hunting. “My husband also played a huge roll in getting me prepared and knowledgeable,” she added. “It was also his first year hunting, but he is about as thorough as it gets when it comes to research and learning about something that he is interested in. It helped pave my way to have someone to learn with!”

Becca and her husband are looking forward to their next hunting season and continuing to learn about (and helping to protect and perpetuate) our nation’s public lands, waters and wildlife. Becca is the office/production manager at Seek Outside.