Leadership Opportunities



Thank you for your willingness to serve! 

Click here to fill out our board application survey by April 30. 

All seats have terms of 3 years and require attendance at monthly board calls in addition to 2-4 hours of investment per week. 

Regional Representatives (Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest): Each NM BHA Regional Representative shall act as a local leader and “boots-on-the-ground” representative of their region. They are encouraged to meet and know the elected representatives in their region (e.g. village, city and county), as well as other conservation organizations and state and federal wildlife and land managers. They will represent their region to the NM BHA Board to ensure a flow of information “from the ground up.” And, in turn, they shall represent NM BHA within their region in a professional manner according to NM BHA’s mission and values.


Join Our Access Watch Program

lockedgate.JPGThroughout the West, BHA members are the eyes, ears and voices of public lands. New Mexico BHA is seeking engaged volunteers in every corner of the state to let us know when public roads or public lands are at risk of being unnecessary closed. To learn more about this program or volunteer– email us at [email protected].

Volunteer Opportunities

Keep an eye on our event page for upcoming volunteer opportunities. 


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