NM BHA Update 3-28-13

NM BHA Update –

As you’ve probably heard by now, this past Monday President Obama permanently protected 242,555 acres of high quality elk, mule deer, antelope and big horn sheep habitat through the designation of the Rio Grande National Monument (RGDN). NM BHA is honored to have been an instrumental part of the coalition that built the overwhelming community support that ultimately pushed this proposal over the finish line.

The following links provide more information on the designation and reference NM BHA’s in the news:

NM BHA would also like to welcome board members, Laddie Mills and Peter Lupsha. Click their names for a profile. If you’d like to get more involved with NM BHA, or have thoughts on issues you’d like NM BHA to address you can contact the NM board through the website, here. Or, feel free to contact me anytime (contact information below).

A few other updates:

If you have friends that share your passion for backcountry hunting & fishing, invite them to join BHA. If everyone recruited 2-3 friends, we could grow by leaps and bounds.

Thanks for your support of backcountry habitat.

Tim Brass

“People ask me what elk sign I look for, I tell them I look for the sign that says “no motorized travel beyond this point” – 2013 “Sportsmen of the Year”, Randy Newberg, from exclusive interview with BHA.

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