New York Chapter Board

Glen Stratton - ChairGlen_Stratton_pic.jpg

Glen has been a NYBHA Board Member December 2016. Glen is a native of Florida and resides in upstate New York.   Glen is retired from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service where he worked as a Wildland Firefighter for 30 yrs.   Having worked for a land conservation agency has made habitat and wildlife conservation are part of his DNA.   Glen along with his wife enjoys all thing outdoors, wildlife, managing their 52-acre hobby farm and living a more-simple life.   Glen also enjoys beekeeping and woodworking.




Todd Waldron


Todd is a Hunt to Eat Ambassador who lives in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. Since the age of five, he has been out in the woods with his family, enjoying the Adirondacks’ remote spruce-covered forests and rugged mountains.  Conservation is important because America’s treasured wild places, wildlife, and future generations can’t speak for themselves.   Hunting and fishing are a wonderful privilege, and with this privilege comes an ongoing responsibility of stewardship; a responsibility to pass it on to the next generation. Todd is a life member of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers and enjoys fishing with his daughter, hunting big woods deer on snow and elk hunting in southwest Colorado’s high country. Todd is co-founder and host of the DIY hunter conservationist podcast East to West Hunting.


Michael PoulopoulosMike_P_Photo.jpg

Mike spent his childhood forcing his parents to take him to the Adirondacks in the summer.  There, he spent his time fishing, wandering, and imagining hunts.  These years formed a natural wild in him foreign to his parents.  Now, as an adult, and with a few awkward, experimental, and urbanized years between, he finds himself in the middle of the woods again just 20 minutes away from 4,000 acres of public land. Be it bow in hand, or some hiking boots on the feet, he’s a happy fella, and is committed to ensuring that his son and others will have that same opportunity to wander our public land heritage as they wish, and to find their own backcountry. 


Virginia GlazierVirginaGlazier.jpg

Virginia grew up in a rural part of upstate New York where she spent her childhood outdoors developing a love for wildlife that ultimately inspired her career as a scientist. She now works as a biology professor at Niagara University. Virginia incorporates her scientific background into her position as BHA board member where her knowledge of biology, evolution and ecology helps inform her perspectives on public land conservation. When not in the classroom Professor Glazier enjoys spending time on her hobby farm where she and her husband garden, raise chickens and maintain habitat that supports the harvest of wild turkeys, deer and squirrels. She also enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking and kayaking on New York public land in the Southern tier and the ADK. 



Brian Bird

Brian grew up on a small family dairy farm in upstate NY. This 400 acre farm was a child’s dream of swamps, deepwoods, and thickets. His first memory of hunting was as a 7 year old, siting on a milk crate in the hardwoods with his father and was hooked from that moment on. He pursues whitetail deer and turkeys with an occasional foray for small game. Growing  up, the Susquehanna River was his playground and spent untold hours chasing smallmouth bass and walleyes. Today most of his fishing is through the ice on Lake George and Lake Champlain with some spring trout fishing. Brian’s first experience with the value of public land and access was while earning a doctorate degree in Geology from Western Michigan University. Although trapped in a small apartment, Michigan has abundant public land and was able to pursue deer and turkeys and expanded his fishing to include Great Lakes salmon and steelhead. Brian, along with his wife and daughter and two pups, lives on a small homestead in Whitehall, New York. Situated at the southeastern edge of the Adirondack Park and southern tip of Lake Champlain with access to thousands of acres of public land. 



Gary Maerz

Gary grew up on Long Island, where he lives with his wife, children, and GSP. He was raised in a scouting family, has been camping since birth,and was instilled with a “leave no trace” ethic at a young age. Gary’s family purchased a trailer in the Pocono Mountains during the early 90s. He fondly recalls entire days spent roaming the 76 acres of trails and woods that surrounded his trailer, or fishing with his father; a legacy Gary passed to his children. After high school, the demands of higher education, career, and family forced an outdoor hiatus upon Gary until April 2016 when a culmination of events allowed him to begin his adventure as a freelance outdoor writer, conservationist, and fashionably late hunter. Gary, a 2% for Conservation Committee Member, joined BHA in March 2019, became a Regional Event Coordinator in January 2020, and is extremely proud of helping to organize Muster in the Mountains (2021). He spends a majority of his field time in the Catskills, fishing the Upper Delaware River, camping/volunteering in Ten Mile River, or sitting in a tree stand on his hunting lease. Gary also enjoys taking his bow for long walks on public land in search of whitetails and taking his children afield.


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