New York Chapter Board

Todd Waldron Chair 


Todd is a Hunt to Eat Ambassador who lives in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. Since the age of five, he has been out in the woods with his family, enjoying the Adirondacks’ remote spruce-covered forests and rugged mountains.  Conservation is important because America’s treasured wild places, wildlife, and future generations can’t speak for themselves.   Hunting and fishing are a wonderful privilege, and with this privilege comes an ongoing responsibility of stewardship; a responsibility to pass it on to the next generation. Todd is a life member of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers and enjoys fishing with his daughter, hunting big woods deer on snow and elk hunting in southwest Colorado’s high country. Todd is co-founder and host of the DIY hunter conservationist podcast East to West Hunting.


Garrett Burback Vice Chair 


Garrett was born and raised on a small farm in Central New York and was introduced to hunting and angling at a young age. After high school he enlisted in the USMC and spent the majority of his four-year commitment deployed. After being honorably discharged in 2003, Garrett found employment with the Department of Defense as an entry level firefighter. He now serves as a Lieutenant firefighter providing structural protection, airport crash rescue and wild-land firefighting. When off duty, Garrett can be found fishing the public waters of New York’s popular Salmon River or in the backcountry of the Tug Hill’s state forest. Every September Garrett drives over 2000 miles to the public domain of the Rocky Mountains so he can chase elk, fish for trout and avoid grizzlies. Garrett is also the owner of Lesser Wilderness, a guide service that focuses on working with novice hunters and anglers. The majority of his work with clients happens on public land and water. Last year, as a way to give back to the land, Garrett helped organize a public lands cleanup and restoration project with Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. Volunteers cleaned up angler parking areas, 10 miles of river banks along the Salmon River and planted 4500 trees in an effort to stabilize eroding banks on Orwell Creek.


Jack Wilson Secretary 


Jack Wilson is a lawyer and former philosophy professor who lives with his family in Pound Ridge, NY.  A lifelong hunter, fisherman and wild game cook, Jack grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania.  Hunting, fishing, and backpacking on the remote public lands of the Rocky Mountain west have given Jack a deep appreciation for the opportunities our nation’s public land provide to anyone willing and able to access the backcountry.  He is glad to have the chance to help work through BHA to preserve those lands and opportunities for all Americans.




Kevin Koehler TreasurerKevin.jpeg

Kevin is a Firefighter in Ithaca, NY.  Growing up Kevin was able to spend time with his dad and grandfather fishing on Cayuga Lake. After moving back to upstate NY in High School, his friend introduced him to Whitetail Deer Hunting, and has never looked back.  When not at work, he enjoys time outside, fishing or hunting.  Surrounded by gorges and trails in Ithaca he is able to hike and fly fish.  Recently, joining Backcountry Hunters ands Anglers has created a new interest in learning about the history of wildlife in America, and the North American model of conservation.  The more he learns about it, the more he learns the message has been dropped from modern conversation, and how important it is that the information is not forgotten from hunters altogether.  Kevin enjoys cooking wild game for family and friends



John ArmisteadJohn_Armistead_Grouse_Hunting_Pic_Winter_Newsletter.jpg

John is a highly successful Project Engineer for Armistead Mechanical Inc. one of the tri-state areas most reputable industrial piping companies. As a NY BHA board member, John has been the central organizer for our annual chapter Catskill Rendezvous over the past several years. He enjoys spending time in the grouse woods with his dog and fishing America’s great public waters – from the Northeast to Florida and beyond.


Cosmo GenovaCosmo_small.jpeg

Cosmo grew up hunting and fishing in the Finger Lakes region on NY. His late father, Phil Genova, was anationally recognized fly-fishing educator, and this exposure from a young age instilled Cosmo with a deep conservation ethic which lead him to find a home in the spirit and message of BHA.  After spending close to a decade cooking in professional kitchens, Cosmo is pursuing his passion in the outdoor industry. Cosmo dabbles in a bit of everything, but primarily works as a freelance outdoor writer and video producer. He is a frequent contributor to Outdoor Life, Field and Stream, Hatch Magazine, and others. Since joining the board, Cosmo has worn many hats, but has been focused primarily on chapter communications


David GeverDavid_Gever.jpeg

Raised in suburban Philadelphia, David has had a lifelong infatuation with the outdoors. Although not a hunting or fishing family he was lucky enough to have a father who would take him hiking and canoeing all over the northeast. He came to hunting in 2010 while living in Brooklyn NY; not knowing where to begin, he floundered for a while before taking his hunter's education in 2012. Floundered some more and finally stepped afield bow in hand to chase whitetails in 2015. Absolutely addicted and trying to make up for lost time you can bet that if there is a season for it he is game. David is passionate about protecting our public lands and improving the public's understanding and perception of what it means to be a sportsman. 


Tom HammondTom_Bio_Pic.JPG

Though I currently live with my wife and two sons in the NYC borough of Queens, I was born and raised in the Adirondacks.  Throughout my childhood, I was fortunate enough to be exposed by my family to the hunting, fishing, trapping and outdoor lifestyle that I love. Though the outdoors was engrained in me from the moment that I was born, I didn’t realize the importance of wild creatures and wild places until I moved to NYC.  Though I still haven’t enjoyed all of the experiences that western public lands have to offer, I understand now more than ever the importance of public lands, not only for this generation, but for generations to come. Get outdoors, soak in all the beauty that nature has to offer, and never take any of it for granted.


Brett HebberechtBrett_small.jpeg

Brett is from Rochester, NY and is a Regional Sales Manager for a company based in Maine. He enjoys spending his free with his wife and dog. Currently residing in WNY, I enjoy float fishing the Great Lakes tributaries and hunting the endless patches of state land that Western New York has to offer. 



Michael PoulopoulosMike_P_Photo.jpg

Mikespent his childhood forcing his parents to take him to the Adirondacks in the summer.  There, he spent his time fishing, wandering, and imagining hunts.  These years formed a natural wild in him foreign to his parents.  Now, as an adult, and with a few awkward, experimental, and urbanized years between, he finds himself in the middle of the woods again just 20 minutes away from 4,000 acres of public land.  Be it bow in hand, or some hiking boots on the feet, he’s a happy fella, and is committed to ensuring that his son and others will have that same opportunity to wander our public land heritage as they wish, and to find their own backcountry. 


Glen StrattonGlen_Stratton_pic.jpg

Glen has been a NYBHA Board Member December 2016. Glen is a native of Florida and resides in upstate New York.   Glen is retired from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service where he worked as a Wildland Firefighter for 30 yrs.   Having worked for a land conservation agency has made habitat and wildlife conservation are part of his DNA.   Glen along with his wife enjoys all thing outdoors, wildlife, managing their 52-acre hobby farm and living a more-simple life.   Glen also enjoys beekeeping and woodworking.




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