Voices in Hunting: A Storytelling Event
November 13
Starting at 5pm
Marble Distilling Company, Tasting Room
Carbondale, CO









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Voices in Hunting: A Storytelling Event

Hunters & Anglers Community Storytelling Night: Roaring Fork Valley


Join CO BHA and Artemis for an evening of storytelling at 5pm on Saturday, November 13th at Marble Distilling Company and help us build a community of conservation minded hunters and anglers and participate in a conversation among new and experienced hunters and anglers in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Spending time afield in pursuit of wild game is one of our oldest human traditions. It is a tradition that belongs to all of us and one we all have a hand in shaping for future generations. There may be no activity more capable of connecting us to the natural world, of informing our understanding of wildlife and habitat, of shaping our ethics, and strengthening our commitment to the critters and landscapes that call Colorado home. All of us approach hunting differently, we come from different backgrounds, we are at different stages in our journeys, and we see our hunting heritage and the challenges facing wildlife differently as a result. Our unique perspectives have value, they can make us stronger as a community - helping us to be more aware of how we can do better as individuals and as a community, to be better stewards, conservationists, and hunters.

This event will feature storytellers at different stages in their journeys. We will be exploring common threads of why we hunt and sharing broadly our hopes for the future. 

The future of our hunting heritage depends upon healthy wildlife populations and access to large swaths of un-fragmented quality habitat. There are more pressures on wildlife and habitat today than ever before and it is up to us to be the voice for the critters and places that have come to shape our lives and identities. We may start to hunt for the prospects of food, challenge, and adventure - but we continue because the depth of our experiences in our pursuits have filled our lives with wonder and appreciation for the natural world like nothing else ever can. 

We hope you will join us, two conservation & public lands organizations growing local community for the hunter and angler in you. In addition to great conversation we will have merchandise, door prizes, and the Marble Distillery Mixologist will be mixing up some unique whisky backcountry cocktails just for us!


Our Storytellers:

Gabriela Zaldumbide - Gabriela is the Editor in Chief of Hunt to Eat Magazine, a new quarterly print publication by Hunt to Eat. A recent master's graduate from Western Colorado University, you can find her romping around the Gunnison valley's lands and waters with fishing rods and firearms and at @gabby_zaldumbide on Instagram.

Genevieve Villamizar- Geneviève Villamizar is an accomplished author, a passionate advocate for nature, and a dedicated hunter and angler. Growing up in D.C. Genevieve found her way to Colorado as a young adult. Among her many passions and skillsets she is a regenerative landscape designer, storyteller, and community builder.

Eden Vardy - Passionate about leaving the world better for future generations, Eden Vardy is committed to supporting and implementing environmental solutions, namely around agriculture. Vardy has had the honor and privilege of living in Colorado for over 30 years, and enjoys the majority of his days outdoors.

Eden Vardy has a BA in Sustainable Food Systems and an MS in Integrated Eco- Social Design. Dedicated to continuing our state's legacy around agriculture, Vardy is the founder and executive director of The Farm Collaborative, a Roaring Fork Valley nonprofit and farm that connects children and the community to nature and their food source, and solves global climate challenges through local food production.

Vardy is also a regenerative agriculture adjunct faculty for Colorado Mountain College, the CEO of The 2 Forks Club (an organization that makes 0% interest loans to burgeoning community farmers and local food entrepreneurs), the VP of the board of Compass for Lifelong Learning (which oversees the Aspen and Carbondale Community Schools), an avid percussionist, and a very proud husband and father.

Danielle DavisDanielle Davis is a food systems expert and founder of the Western Meat Collective, a school dedicated to teaching home cooks about whole-animal butchery and cookery. She believes it's the anthropological aspect of food that takes us from merely sustaining ourselves to having soulful, life-changing meals. Through her work in agriculture she's learned about production methods that lead to quality food (both flavor and nutrition) and healthy ecosystems. Her projects have taken her to cattle ranches in Colorado, sheep farms in Maine, heritage hog conventions in Kentucky, The Rocky Mountain Yak Expo (Yakspo!), the Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture, and more. She always says that most of what she's learned about land management and animal husbandry has come from chatting up ranchers & farmers. Danielle is also the daughter of a hunter (and a new hunter herself) and has been fishing RFV rivers since she was a kid. By incorporating wild game into Western Meat Collective education, she hopes to help people fill their freezers with pure nourishment (whether farmed or wild) and become more resourceful cooks.

Jennifer Ghigiarelli Jen Ghigiarelli is a livestock farmer entering her tenth full time season, originally from Pennsylvania though calling Basalt, Colorado her home for the past four years. While specializing in multi-species rotational grazing systems for meat and egg production, Jen has also done work in dairy, annual vegetable production, and tree/perennial systems. She sees agriculture at its finest when it is integrative in approach and supportive of the greater ecology that surrounds it.  Jen is currently managing animals (cattle, sheep, poultry, and rabbits) on a 113-acre property for an environmental non-profit, and more recently has found a keen passion for mentorship through helping to launch their farmer training program in 2021.  While very much a newcomer to the world of fly fishing and hunting, Jen is looking forward to her first deer season this November and is certain she’ll have more stories to tell in the coming years - hopefully ones that center other non-traditional hunters like herself, and uplift the role that hunting plays in the conservancy of wildlands and ethics of diet.

Jason Nauert - Growing up in the foothills east of Colorado Springs, Jason made the mountains his backyard. He's hunted wild game for most of his life and had early exposure to using the whole animal. Jason credits these experiences for getting him to where he is today - a master butcher and running a Combat Sustainability training program for the U.S. Special Forces. He's teaching field care, butchering and cooking skills in austere, backcountry environments to help Special Forces (and most recently the U.S. Marine Corps) achieve cleaner, sustainable eating and nutrition when on deployments. Jason started out working in construction, moved into law enforcement, then landscaping and cooked in a few kitchens before he took the plunge and became a professional butcher in 2012. He is the owner of the Rocky Mountain Institute of Meat and has never looked back. Now, he's happy to be leaning on his lifelong experiences studying ecosystems, and striking the delicate balance between using the land and wildlife well and conserving these resources. Jason is passionate about helping new hunters learn the skills needed to process animals the right way and use every part of the animal. 

Connor P. Coleman - Connor is a private land/ranch management consultant who works with conservation-minded landowners throughout the Intermountain West and beyond, striving to implement strategies promoting environmental and economic resiliency. Based in Carbondale, he was able to weave his experiences in land conservation, wildland firefighting, wildlife biology, ranching, and land management to create a unique niche for himself through his business – Resiliency Lands. A life-long angler, he took up fly fishing in 2013 and then became a self-taught hunter five years ago. His goal in life is to foster productive dialogue among diverse stakeholders and utilize interdisciplinary approaches to tackle land conservation and management issues. He has a B.S. in Environmental Science from Catawba College and a Master of Environmental Management degree and a Master of Forestry degree from Duke University and has served on multiple public land advisory boards.

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November 13, 2021 at 5:00pm - 7:30pm
Marble Distilling Company, Tasting Room
150 Main St
Carbondale, CO 81623
United States
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