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We are the New Mexico chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. We are united by a passion to protect and conserve public land forests, mountains, prairies, streams and lakes that support our hunting and angling traditions. New Mexico BHA members are deeply concerned that traditional backcountry values — solitude, quiet recreation, personal challenge, physical fitness, adventure — are being compromised. Habitat destruction and the disturbance stemming from development, as well as abuse and overuse by irresponsible motorized recreationists, are threatening the very things that we hold dear. We respect the crucial role that all species play in our diverse ecosystems and seek to ensure that species and habitat management decisions are based on sound science instead of politics.

We believe that undeveloped, unspoiled public lands are irreplaceable and must be managed, along with the fish and wildlife they support, as a sacred public trust.

We are sportsmen and -women who cherish the opportunity to hunt and fish in landscapes that are still wild enough to offer a sense of escape, challenge and solitude. We speak on behalf of these lands and values through education, advocacy, cooperation and hard work. We work to promote conservation of public fish and wildlife habitat, science-based stewardship of fish and wildlife, and fair and equitable access for all.  

We recognize that the loss of unspoiled habitat and publicly accessible wildlife are the biggest threats to our sporting heritage. Whether we're meeting with local land managers, testifying at the state capitol or working with the media, our goal is the same - to provide future generations of Americans with the same outdoor opportunities we've enjoyed. 

To accomplish this goal, we need the following: habitat that is still wild and quiet enough to hear a buck breathe, wildlife management that is scientifically sound and carried out in accordance with the North American Model of Game Management, and, most of all, we need sportsmen and -women LIKE YOU who are engaged and willing to speak up for our hunting and fishing heritage.

Please contact us ([email protected]) to get involved with New Mexico BHA! 

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