2020: Your Year to Learn a New Skill and to Give Back

2020: Your Year to Learn a New Skill and to Give Back

New Year, New Skill.  Develop or hone your hunting and angling skills by signing up to be a mentor or mentee this year.  We are looking for mentors and mentees in all disciplines.  Small game hunting, big game hunting, waterfowl, ice fishing, fly fishing, and more.  As a mentor, you will be paired with another member of NEBHA interested in an activity in which you are willing to share your expertise.  This can be done virtually, over the phone, or in person.  Mentoring gives you an opportunity to fine-tune your skills.  Verbalizing actions that are second nature after years of experience in the field will make you more aware of actions.  As a mentee, you will have a mentor to ask questions, discuss tactics, and have a judgment-free opportunity to ask those questions we’ve all been afraid to ask.

The mentoring partnership is a core component of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers mission and values and is available to all members in New England.  Whether you would like to be connected with a mentor or be a mentor, please email your state below to be paired today. Hunting and fishing seasons vary by state, but they all have year-round components, keep this in mind while exploring new opportunities.  Please include your name, email, phone number, and the area of the State in which you live or want to hunt/fish. Mentees please include your interested activity (ice fishing, fly fishing, turkey hunting, etc), and mentors include those areas of hunting/fishing expertise you'd like to share.

Connecticut – connecticut@backcountryhunters.org

Maine – maine@backcountryhunters.org

Massachusetts – massachusetts@backcountryhunters.org

New Hampshire – newhampshire@backcountryhunters.org

Rhode Island – rhodeisland@backcountryhunters.org

Vermont – vermont@backcountryhunters.org


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New England BHA is a voice for the sporting community in New England that values solitude, silence, clean and free flowing rivers, and habitat for large, wide-ranging wildlife.

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