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Andy BillopAndy Billipp

Andy Billipp is a farmer, hunter, and father of two. Raised in Massachusetts, Andy grew up backpacking, climbing, and fishing in New England. As a boy, nights camped by eastern lakes and fishing trips in the Rocky Mountains instilled in him a great love of the American landscape. He graduated from UMass-Amherst in 2008 with a degree in Outdoor Writing, and spent the next few years in Colorado, climbing, fishing, and hunting as much as possible. Andy has since relocated to central Connecticut, where he lives on a 60-acre farm with his wife and two children. He is passionate about wildlife and the relationships that we build with wild creatures, and believes that the story of hunting is one worth telling to anyone who will listen.


Matt Matt_B._Square_for_Web.pngBreton, Secretary

After traveling to the Bridger-Teton National Forest in Wyoming and Colorado's Mount Zirkel Wilderness in pursuit of elk and mule deer, along with floating the Blackfoot River to catch cutthroat on a fly, Matt joined BHA to protect the places where those incredible experiences can happen. He figured out that the rural hunting/fishing way of life that he holds so dear needed protecting closer to home, too. A big woods deer tracker needs big woods to roam in; he realized the value that conservation easements allowing public access on North Country timberlands plays in guaranteeing long-term access to hunting and fishing. Matt hails from Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom where he lives with Lori and a pack of pets. Trained as a Physical Therapist by the U.S.Army, he continues to work as a PT in his civilian life. In his time off, he likes to run, hike, hunt, fish and paddle in quiet places. He plans to continue his western pursuits when he can and track down a buck in the mountains of northern New England every November.  


Rob Bryan image

Rob Bryan, Co-Chair

Rob Bryan is a licensed forester and ecologist based in Harpswell, Maine, with a business that focuses on integrating management for timber and biological diversity. When not working with forestry clients in Maine and across the country, Rob and his wife Tulle Frazer enjoy canoeing the remote lakes and rivers of northern Maine and eastern Canada or hiking at home and in Europe. Come autumn, archery, rifle, and black powder hunting for local ungulates with occasional forays for Western game species occupy as much time as possible.  More information is available here.



Christopher Borgatti

Christopher Borgatti teaches Biology and AP Environmental Science at a Massachusetts prep school. Outside the classroom, he leads students on outdoor adventure trips, typically with a heavy dose of backcountry fishing. He has taken students to some of America’s best public lands in the East, West, and Alaska, plus destinations in Central and South America, and Europe. A lifelong angler and a relatively new hunter, his passion is getting as far off the beaten path as possible throughout the region’s public lands.  A lover of wild proteins from land and sea, an avid surfer, and competitive endurance athlete, Chris lives on the North Shore of Massachusetts with his wife, and three children.


 JeJenna Rozellenna Rozelle-Darcy, Outreach Coordinator

Jenna Rozelle-Darcy is an outdoor enthusiast, born and raised in Maine. She makes her living as a forager​,​ supplying wild edible, medicinal​,​ and utilitarian plants to people and businesses. She offers classes for individuals or groups who want to learn how to safely and ethically incorporate wild foods into their lives. ​Beyond food, she is focused on fostering relationships between people and their local landscape​, aiming to erase that imaginary line between ​human and environment. She waded slowly into becoming a hunter in her 20s, being largely self-taught and ​motivated by food. She currently homesteads in southwestern Maine in the foothills of the White Mountains and enjoys a healthy dose of cold streams and ​brook ​t​rout.



David Larson, Co-Chair

David Larson is a science teacher in Central Massachusetts with a degree in Environmental Science. He grew up in Connecticut, where access to public lands is limited. Introduced to hunting and fishing at a young age by his father, he has a deep love for the woods and waters of New England and a passion to protect and enhance them through sound stewardship. Currently living in Massachusetts, he attempts to instill a shared appreciation for our fish, wildlife and wild places in all he meets.  


Eric Nuse imageEric Nuse

Eric Nuse, of Vermont, is the past Executive Director and current national board member of Orion – The Hunters’ Institute and past Executive Director of the International Hunter Education Association.  A retired game warden with over three decades of service, as well as the subject of a book about his time in the field as a warden, Eric serves on the boards of the Vermont Wildlife Partnership, Johnson Conservation Commission, and Friends of the Green River Reservoir.

Heather Kusmierz, TreasurerHeatherKusmierzNEBHABioPic.jpeg

Heather Kusmierz grew up playing in a patch of woods near Quonset Base while fishing the freshwater brooks, brackish marshes, and saltwater bays of Rhode Island. She spent her 20's braving the urban jungle of NYC to work in finance, but ultimately decided that lifestyle wasn't for her. She left to travel, re-skill herself in all things tech, and reconnect with her prior outdoor activities. Her interest in archery led her to BHA and recently becoming a newly-minted bowhunter. Heather now works as a freelancer in New Hampshire while she learns the arts of data science and explores the public lands around her. She hopes to put her tech skills to use to promote science-based policy, management, and decision-making processes in the conservation world.


James Quadrino

James is a hunter and fly fisherman who is originally from New York City.  He grew up saltwater fishing and birdwatching there, but developed his love for hunting while at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. James works as a Data Scientist, but enjoys exploring public lands, fly fishing for trout, and bow hunting.  He lives in Northwestern Connecticut with his fiancée and fellow BHA'er Caitlin. James is passionate about expanding and preserving public lands. 


Dave Furman: Co-Chair, Vermont Leadership Team 

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