New England BHA

The New England Chapter knocked everyone’s merino wool socks off this month when it released the first episode of its video newsletter “On Track with New England Backcountry Hunters & Anglers.”

Created and hosted by board member Chris Borgatti of Massachusetts, the first episode of On Track runs 7 minutes and 40 seconds. Topics include national issues like the need for members to engage on the Great American Outdoors Act, plus issues, actions and events from each of the chapter’s six states.

Chris’s excellent delivery on camera combined with creative use of web video and stills really gives On Track a professional feel. Thanks to Featherwind Creative of Vermont for providing the intro!

Through the spring lockdown months thanks to Covid-19, the New England Chapter held a robust series of online events and live discussions. Several of these were recorded and published on the chapter’s YouTube channel. 

All in all, On Track does a great job of highlighting chapter efforts and asking viewers to get involved. It is a great example for others to follow as we seek to improve communication with members and the general public across BHA.

Congrats to the New England Chapter!



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