New England BHA Summer 2016 Update

Connecticut: A number of inquiries about membership came from Connecticut this spring. Board member Matthew McKenzie has met with one individual, Andy Billip, and together they are planning a southern New England BHA rendezvous outside Hartford later in the summer. Details to follow as they are firmed up. Possible rendezvous events under consideration include a primitive bow 3D shoot, a discussion of issues BHA should engage on, a York Round/long range primitive bow shoot, and a roundtable on “What is backcountry?” in suburban Southern New England. 

Maine: Chapter board co-chair Rob Bryan met the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife’s Wildlife Management Area supervisor to discuss the potential for BHA assistance with WMA monitoring and hands-on management assistance.  In late April, Maine members gathered for a field day at Bradbury Mountain State Park for some pre-season fly casting and turkey calling practice and to discuss state conservation issues. The event netted several new members.  

Massachusetts: In response to the chapter’s notice that we currently have no board members from the Bay State, several members came forward and expressed interest in becoming more involved in the chapter. Mass. members please stay tuned! 

New Hampshire: A bill made its way through the house, originated by NE Chapter board member Dan Williams to ban winter feeding of deer.  It had strong support from NH F&G but it stalled at the Fish and Game Committee level where it was thought to be too hard on companies that manufacture cracked corn, stores that sell it, and farmers. At last update it is being amended to remove any repercussions on these stakeholders. 

Vermont:  Board members Eric Nuse and Tovar Cerulli gave presentations at the International Hunter Education Association's annual meeting held in Vergennes, Vermont. Tovar was on panel titled “Non-Traditional Hunters and Challenges Facing Hunters & Hunting Tomorrow.” Eric spoke on trends in long range hunting as it relates to fair chase hunting and the sportsman's thesis. Eric is also involved in ongoing negotiations for FERC relicensing of the Green River Reservoir Hydro facility. The power company has threatened to drain the reservoir if it is forced to meet new environmental standards. A wilderness-like state park surrounds the reservoir and is home to moose, loons and a great bass population. No motors are allowed on the water and it has no development on its shores.

–Dan Williams

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