New England BHA

In 2019, the New England chapter of BHA put a lot of effort into getting organized and formalizing its administration and structure with committees and state-specific leadership teams. The results have been obvious to many, including Operations Associate Caitlin Frisbie, who recently recognized New England for exceptional timeliness, organization and accuracy in event and financial reporting. Through careful planning and execution, the chapter held many events in 2019 across its six-state coverage area, which raised its profile in New England and no doubt was a factor in the 41 percent membership hike in 2019 to about 1100 members.
The New England chapter effectively doubled participation in its mentoring program to 100 participants. Through the program, mentors and mentees are matched up to take part in hunting, fishing, foraging and other outdoor, public-lands activities. The goal for 2020 is to double participation again. This spring, the chapter is looking forward to more great events including Public Grouse Film Tour showings, a special event at NEMO Equipment and the Total Archery Challenge. Thanks to all the chapter leaders and members in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island!
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