New CO Sportmans License Plate Needs Your Support

Colorado BHA Friends,

The Bull Moose Sportsmen have recently helped craft a bipartisan bill that will create a sportmen’s license plate for Colorado’s hunters and anglers to display on their vehicles. However, we need 3,000 signatures to move this one forward in the State Legislature (the bill has already passed the House Finance Committee). If you haven’t already signed the petition, please do, and pass along to your friends:

In addition to creating the sportsmen’s license plate, the proceeds from the plate will go towards the development of archery and shooting ranges and fishing access and habitat, through CPW’s Range and Fishing is Fun grant programs, respectively. The plate will have a one-time fee of $60, typical of most specialty license plates, and an ongoing renewal fee of $25. $10 of the initial fee and $25 of the renewal fee will go to CPW for greater resources to provide angling and shooting opportunities in Colorado.

As an all-volunteer organization, CO BHA is only as strong as our member’s willingness to lend a hand. Thanks for all you do.

David A. Lien
Co-Chairman, Colorado
Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

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