BHA Welcomes Club at Castleton University

BHA welcomed its newest club at Castleton University in Vermont this month. Here are the students leading the charge and helping fuel our mission forward.

President – Adam Mitchell

My name is Adam Mitchell and I am a sophomore environmental science major at Castleton University. I grew up in the woods, always hunting and fishing with my dad since an early age and from that blossomed my love of the great outdoors. Today, I am avid in all aspects of being an outdoorsman, but in particular, deer season always seems to get the blood pumping. I want to serve BHA as our club president because I want to build a community of hunters and anglers here at Castleton, not only to come together while game is in season but also to have a strong emphasis on conservation. If we don't protect the habitat and wildlife in which we enjoy immersing ourselves, then we may not have it for our sons and daughters to enjoy. I may not speak for everyone, but I want my son or daughter to have the same experiences as I did with my father. BHA allows an outlet for conservation that is invaluable, and I'm ecstatic to be an official club!

I'm really hoping to become a staple of the Castleton community as a club. We have big aspirations, but I'm hoping to create an outlet for individuals to come together and share their passions with mother nature together. We hope to do at least two conservation projects a semester such as hatchery releases, duck and goose banding, and volunteering at game stations during youth weekend of deer season. We also want to work in conjunction with fish and game clubs across the region to host a 3D archery tournament and gun or bow raffle. We would also like to host a hunting or fishing trip sometime next year. Our big goal, however, is to increase membership to 15 core, dedicated members by next semester. Castleton University is very small, and even the largest of clubs have only 20-30 members, so having 15 dedicated members would be outstanding.

 Vice President – Spencer Como

My name is Spencer Como, and I’m majoring in wildlife and forestry conservation at Castleton University. My favorite type of hunting is upland bird hunting because I like to be moving instead of sitting. I started fly fishing last year and caught a few oaks and pines, but I also enjoy fishing with a spinner rod for anything that bites. I’m not too picky about what is on the end of the line. I learned about the BHA through a professor and BHA member, Josh Hardt, who mentioned BHA one day in class, which got a few of my classmates and me interested in creating a club at the school. Being someone who has recently started hunting and fly-fishing I feel it’s important to have clubs that can help mentor people who are just getting into hunting or fishing. By being the vice president for the club I want to show students who did not grow up hunting or fishing there is no time like the present to start. I also want to connect students with wildlife professionals to help them restore and maintain wildlife. 

Secretary – Olson Humphrey

My schooling in fish and wildlife started at a young age, growing up with experienced outdoorsmen and skilled huntsmen. I was fortunate enough to attend the Edward F. Kehoe Green Mountain Conservation camp in sixth grade, where I obtained my rifle and bow hunting licenses (though I have only harvested fish). It was exceptionally impressionable to experience and learn about the outdoors with other girls my age. Ten years later, I am currently studying to complete a B.S. in exercise science and a B.S. in health science, along with a minor in outdoor education and recreation. I have adapted to eating entirely plant-based, alleviating various health issues. These personal lifestyle choices continue to motivate further my interests in environmental conservation and optimal hunting and land-use practices. As Castleton University's BHA Club secretary, I want to manifest increased connections between our campus community and the living, organic world that surrounds us. I will be a primary point of contact for those who wish to join BHA at Castleton and be productive and transparent in organizing future club meetings and events.

Treasurer – Denis LeCours

My name is Denis LeCours and I am the treasurer of Castleton University's BHA club. I will graduate in December with a major in sports management and a double minor in business and adventure recreation. Growing up in the North East Kingdom of Vermont my family and I enjoy all outdoor recreation activities. We also hunt public lands in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. In the fall we deer hunt; when the ponds ice over in winter the tip-ups come out; and in spring we look forward to the trout season opener or calling turkeys. 

Last summer, I worked on a dude ranch in Wyoming where I fell in love with the Rockies and the expansiveness of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Horseback riding in the Bridger-Teton National Forest I found out firsthand there is no other feeling in the world quite like being 20 miles from the nearest road and 20 yards from a grizzly. As a board member of Castleton's BHA chapter, I can share my passion and love for the outdoors, as well as advocating for America's public lands with others to help keep them around for my kids and grandkids to experience someday as I have.  

About Kylie Schumacher

Collegiate Club Coordinator for BHA. Wildlifer, new hunter, budding angler, traveler and epicure.