Nevada BHA Weighs-in on Legislation Impacting Horse Management, Commission Make-up and Youth Opportunity

The Nevada Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers has been actively engaged in Carson City this year on several pieces of key legislation.  In addition to advocating for needed investments in wildlife crossing infrastructure in the state via AB 112, the chapter recently weighed-in on several bills which could impact our hunting and angling heritage in the state. 

  • Horse Management – The chapter is opposing a bill (SB 90) *read the letter here*, which would elevate the status of the feral horses in the state, to the determent of native species whose populations have suffered as a result of a lack of active management of horse populations.
  • Wildlife Commission Make-up – NV BHA is opposing a bill (SB 224) *read the letter here* that would unnecessarily add a seat to the existing wildlife commission specifically for an outfitter. BHA does not believe this change is needed.
  • Youth Hunting Opportunity – NV BHA is supporting a bill (SB 311) *read the letter here* which would create an process by which youth or individuals with a life-threatening condition could be provided tags by interested license holders.

We will remain engaged in these and other legislative priorities throughout the legislative session and we will aim to continue to keep the membership up to date on such priority bills.  To follow along and provide comment on bills like these, please sign-up for chapter newsletter here.

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