NC BHA’s 2nd Annual Trashy Squirrel Hunt: A Hunt for Squirrels and Trash on NC’s Public Lands
Feb 1 - Feb 15
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NC BHA’s 2nd Annual Trashy Squirrel Hunt: A Hunt for Squirrels and Trash on NC’s Public Lands

Some have described the Trashy Trophy as “the most prestigious and glorious honor in hunting.” District 1, through unrivaled feats of woodsmanship and true grit, secured the title and prize in NC BHA’s first annual Trashy Squirrel Hunt last February. TSH 2020 is sure to be the year’s most notable event. The world wants to know: Who will take the TSH title??

Gather your partners, trash bags, & waypoints—it's time to bag some tails and litter on NC’s public lands! This is a statewide competition that pits district against district in a knock-em-down, drag-it-out battle for not only the right to brag, but also the coveted Trashy Trophy.

We’ve updated the scoring system so take note when you READ THE RULES BELOW. Don’t be fooled by the length of the typed-out rules; it’s easy to both understand how TSH works and to participate. Just give ‘em a read and send us any questions you might have. Also, when you register points for your district via email at [email protected], be sure to offer a little description and any names or handles you want us to tag on social media.

Nothing is more worth your time and effort than Trashy Squirrel Hunt 2020. Get out there and fill bins and bellies on the fruits of your labor! MAY THE BEST DISTRICT WIN!



  • Rules and Regulations set for the 2019-20 season by the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission (NCWRC) must be adhered to at all times by everyone.
  • Competing teams are defined by the NCWRC’s nine districts (shown here).
  • Participants may hunt and clean on ANY public land (federally managed or state owned) and all points accrued and registered will contribute to the participant’s team regardless of where the points are obtained
  • Points will be awarded via tail-count & pounds of trash with bonus points available for bringing out new hunters & signing up new/renewing members to BHA. The breakdown is as follows:
    • 1000 points per tail
    • 5 points per ounce of trash w/ a maximum point value of 500 per single item (i.e., anything above 6.25 lbs)
      • The 500-point max becomes pretty crucial when you find a big cache of trash. Just send in an estimated number of these items you pull out and do the quick math.
      • District 1 won the first TSH in 2019 on trash alone and most of that poundage was from items that hit the 500-max limit. Rugs, appliances, tires, doors, paint cans half-full or more, etc., etc.
    • Bonus of 300 points for each new hunter
      • An individual can only qualify for the new-hunter bonus for one hunt during the tournament. A new hunter will be defined as an individual that either does not have a hunting license or received their first hunting license for the 2019-20 season. Note: Those participants without a hunting license need only be present for the duration of a hunt and must follow all rules and regulations set by NCWRC.
    • Bonus of 500 points per new or renewed member
      • The person must become a member of BHA or renew a membership sometime during the dates of the tournament and show proof of membership via receipt (email or screenshot).
      • The new/renewing member does not have to participate in a hunt for a team to receive the bonus points. However, a single individual can qualify for both the new/renewing member bonus and the new hunter bonus if the respective requirements are met.
    • Scoring Example
      • Three days into the tournament a group of five participants get together for a morning hunt in the Uwharrie. One of the five in the hunting party is both a new hunter and became a new member of BHA the previous evening. Another of the group of five renewed her membership via phone in the truck on the way to the woods. During the three-hour hunt, the party takes 7 squirrels and 33lbs 8oz of trash. For this hunt the team will receive the following points:
        • 7000 (tails) + 536 (trash) + 300 (new hunter) + 500 (new member) + 500 (renewing member) = 8,836 points total for the hunt.
          • Note: If the person who is both a new hunter and a new member then goes on an evening hunt later that day, then the team will neither receive the 300 nor the 500 bonus points again.
    • The Honor System will be the guiding principle, but teams will nonetheless have to submit photos proving (1) tail count, (2) a scale readout showing poundage (fish scales work great!), (3) screenshot/receipt for new members, and/or (4) the new hunter with at least one licensed and experienced hunter in the photo frame

Don’t over-complicate this. Here’s an example photo:


        • Point Total = 2,000 (two tails) + 1,000 (two max’d out single items, i.e the tires) + 1,728 (345.6oz of trash x 5pts/oz) = 4,728 points
  • ONLY squirrels taken and trash removed from Public Lands (State or Federally-managed) will be counted (see Honor System comment above)
  • Use of squirrel dogs is permitted where permitted

February 01, 2020 at 6:00am - February 15, 2020
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