LETTER: MT BHA Opposes Refuge Waterfowl Habitat Acreage Loss for Admin Facilities

To whom it may concern

Northwest Montana Wetland Management District

PO Box 6

Charo, MT 59824

[email protected]


Re: Draft Environmental Assessment: New Northwest Montana Wetland Management District Administrative Facilities


October 21, 2021


We represent approximately 3,000 dues-paying Montana sportsmen and women. Backcountry Hunters and Anglers advocates to protect quality habitat, fish and wildlife, access, and fair chase traditions. 


We are writing to express our opposition to Alternatives B, C and D in this draft assessment. All three of these alternatives would destroy valuable habitat for wildlife including ducks, geese, Hungarian partridge, and pheasants. This loss of acreage would also be a loss of access for our members and the many other Montanans who hunt and recreate in the Mission Valley. Furthermore, we are surprised that the USFWS would choose to develop land that they have previously designated as a Waterfowl Production Area. For these reasons we support Alternative E in which the USFWS would purchase property and build new facilities in an area of little conservation value. In our view this option would be the best for wildlife, the public land hunter, and it would be the wisest use of valuable conservation dollars.


Thank you for your time and consideration.




John Sullivan III

Chapter Chair

Montana Chapter, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers


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