MT Sporting Groups Support ALS Funding

March 11, 2019

Rep. Carl Glimm & Rep. Nancy Ballance Chairs
House Appropriations Committee
House of Representatives
State Capitol
Helena, MT 59620

Re: House Bill 10

Dear Chair Balance & Glimm,

We, the undersigned organizations, are writing to ask that you vote in favor of House Bill 10 (HB10) and the current funding proposed to replace the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ Automated License System (ALS). We collectively represent tens of thousands of Montana hunters and anglers who care deeply about public access, vibrant fish and wildlife, and quality habitat. As you know, we are blessed in Montana with world-class hunting and fishing and we depend on proper funding for our public servants in the Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Park (FWP) to care for these landscapes, our wildlife, and our hunting and angling heritage.
For years, FWP has done a yeoman's job with an ALS system that is severely antiquated. The ALS is the system by which both Montanans and nonresidents purchase their licenses, apply for special permits and support the conservation efforts of FWP with their hard-earned dollars. Professional analysis and input from the public both indicate that it is time for a change.

The ALS is 18 years old and, thanks to a dedicated staff, has long outlived its life expectancy. As with any organization, proper funding and robust resources are key in not only providing customers with an excellent experience but are also key in ensuring a return on investment.

Each year that we procrastinate providing FWP with the budget to update its ALS, it becomes more costly to maintain the current system and our public servants and sportsmen and sportswomen pay the price. We ask that you show your support for your constituents and our public servants by supporting FWP’s request of $10 million of sportsmen dollars and federal fund matches in HB10, and help FWP better serve Montana’s outdoor recreationists.


Montana Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Montana Wild Sheep Foundation
Ducks Unlimited
Montana Wildlife Federation
Montana Sportsmen’s Alliance
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
Montana Bowhunter’s Association
Pheasants Forever
Montana Trout Unlimited
Traditional Bowhunters of Montana
The Wildlife Society
Hellgate Hunters and Anglers
Anaconda Sportsmen Club
Laurel Rod and Gun Club
Western Bear Foundation
Flathead Wildlife, Inc.
Helena Hunters and Anglers Association
Pat Barnes Chapter of Trout Unlimited
Big Hole River Foundation

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