Montana hunters and anglers win big in Tester’s Forest Bill

Sen. Tester’s Jobs and Recreation Bill protects and improves some of the best hunting and fishing habitat in America. That’s why Butte area hunters and anglers who hunt the Beaverhead Deerlodge Forest should support it.

It assures we have wildlife to enjoy and hunt, as well as abundant fish populations. 

The timber harvest design envisioned by the bill is aimed at restoration of landscapes important to deer, elk and moose as well as wild trout.  Restoring already roaded landscapes with a mosaic of forbs, shrubs and patches of young trees mixed with some old growth will result in productive habitat for big game and other wildlife.  A better mix of vegetation across large landscapes along with improved habitat security will result in a better chance of hunters filling their tags, whether they are looking for a trophy buck or bull or just trying to fill the freezer. 

Stewardship contracts in the bill will result in the restoration of fish passage and reduction of sediment by rehabilitating obsolete old roads and maintaining the roads needed for access.  

Protecting high country as new wildernesses assures long term habitat for such species as mountain goat and wolverine that are increasingly squeezed by motorized intrusions.  These areas will also provide important places for hunters and anglers seeking traditional experiences in large open spaces free of pollution, scars and disturbance of machines.  While these potential wilderness areas are vitally important to water quality and wildlife habitat, the timber industry has agreed they are not important or economically viable for timber production. 

This bill would provide both benefits to current hunters and anglers and would assure that our treasured outdoor opportunities will be equally available for our kids and grandkids.

Greg Munther
Chairman, Montana Chapter
Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

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