Montana Chapter Chairman - Greg Munther


Greg has spent his entire adult life in the mountain West, as a career

Forest Service biologist, District Ranger and natural resource consultant.  He has been roaming the hills, streams and lakes of Montana continuously since 1976, with passions split between bowhunting, bird hunting and flyfishing.  He lives in Missoula with his wife of 35 years, Sherry, and their German Shorthair Pointer Lucy, and their 3 llamas.

After witnessing too many favorite areas becoming deteriorated by growing off road motorized use in inappropriate areas, Greg became involved in BHA several years ago. He believes strong protection and restoration of backcountry is essential to the future of both quality hunting and fishing in Montana.  He believes BHA can be most effective by focusing  on both reducing threats as well as working on permanent protections of remaining wild country in Montana.

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