Montana Chapter Board Member - Hannah Ryan

hannah ryan

Hannah grew up in small Wyoming town (but who are we kidding, all Wyoming towns are pretty small). Though she attempted to stray, her hook and bullet father drew her back from the dark side (vegetarianism) and made sure she dedicated a good portion of her life hiking and hunting the state's sagebrush flats and mountains. In college,Hannah obtained a degree in journalism from the University of Montana but spent her social hours in the College of Forestry and Conservation student organizations. Today, she works as a communications specialist for a bird habitat conservation organization in Missoula. Her present passion is training and hiking with her Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, Rye, and figuring out the wily ways of grouse and pheasant. Otherwise, you can find her experimenting with new ways to make wild game taste better and trying to touch her toes with this thing called yo-ga. Dedicated to the preservation of wild lands, Hannah is a willing disciple who is eager to follow in the boot tracks of those currently speaking out for the protection of public lands.

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