Montana Chapter Board Member: Andrew Jacovac

Andrew Jakovic

Andrew, a current resident of Montana, was born, raised and educated in Idaho for 25 years, gratefully exploring the backcountry and wilderness opportunities that the state provided.  With the majority of his career revolving around federal land he has worked on trail, fire, timber and wilderness ranger crews while maintaining his passion for archery, hunting and fishing.

Since moving to Bozeman in 2012 and taking a job as the hunting line manager at Mystery Ranch Backpacks he has become involved with multiple local conservation and collaborative organizations dealing with public land issues. That list includes Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Montana Bowhunters Association, Mule Deer Foundation, Gallatin Community Collaborative and Montana Wilderness Association along with Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.  He hopes to provide a widespread skill set while getting more individuals involved and participating with backcountry land management topics specifically pertaining to Wilderness areas.

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