Montana BHA comments on Elk Management Citizen Advisory Group Recommendations

Just in time for peak rut, 15 elk-related recommendations were released for public comment from FWP on September 15th.

Developed by FWP's hand-selected Elk Management Citizen Advisory Group, the proposals range from 'Enforce Stricter Penalties for Trespassing...' to 'Choose Your Weapon/Season,' and many others.

In our opinion, there are many good proposals here, though some need tweaking, and others miss the mark. All deserve consideration and comment, however.⁣

Below, you will find links to our comments on each of these formal proposals. We submitted these on September 30th.

Access Plus Program

Choose Your Weapon/Season

Collaboration between FWP, USFS, BLM & DNRC and Any Other Pertinent Local, State, or Federal Land Management Agencies

Create an A9 Tag Bundle

Develop User Friendly and Effective Methods to Collect Data

Establish (where possible) Localized Elk Working Groups

Expanded Hunter Education

Promote Focused Damage Hunts

Improve Accessibility to the FWP Videos, Programs, PSAs, etc. that Promote the Desired Behaviors between Landowners and Hunters

FWP Landowner Liaison

We have to Manage Elk Where They Are Not

Understand and Mitigate the Disease of Brucellosis in Elk

Use of Shoulder Seasons

Stakeholder Meetings

Enforce Stricter Penalties for Trespassing and Other Bad Behaviors by Hunters and Landowners


We encourage you to read our comments, the full proposals from FWP and then comment yourself.

The deadline to comment is October 14th.⁣

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