Missouri BHA

The Missouri chapter of BHA has been killing it lately! With a huge access win in Christian County, cleaning up our public lands and executing great events, Missouri BHA has been on top of it as of late, providing advice, fundraising and networking opportunities for other locals as they combined forces to make sure public access was upheld for all Missourians.

The residents of Christian County, Missouri, and users of the Lindenlure access on the Finley River are celebrating their restored access that was blocked by adjacent landowners and enforced by the county. The Missouri chapter wrote letters to the local papers and the county commission in support of public access. They also hosted a raffle in 2021 that raised over $2,000 to contribute to the legal efforts brought forward by David Romano of the River Access Coalition and two others with land bordering the public access.

Defending access to public lands is never easy. Achieving a win that restores access is even harder. It takes an army to write letters, pressure elected officials and land management agencies, and sometimes requires litigation to ensure our access rights are upheld. The Missouri chapter came through when action was needed most.

Great job, Missouri BHA!

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