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  • Author: Josh Zifzal 

The BHA Minot Club in North Dakota has officially been established as of January 2021. Our club’s primary mission is to lower the bar of entry of service men and women and their families stationed on Minot AFB for hunting and fishing on and around the installation.


Beginning in 2021, we will accomplish this through networking and education.  We plan to host a variety of events including meet & greets, hunter education classes in coordination with installation and state agencies, and a fishing campout.  There are few other events in the works, which we’ll announce later this year.  Often, all it takes to get someone into the outdoors is a mentor, sharing experience and knowledge, enabling others to venture out independently. The Minot AFB Club is positioned to get this connection to the landscape accomplished.

North Dakota is full of hunting and fishing opportunities.  North Dakota offers residents the chance to hunt Bighorn Sheep, Moose, and Elk.  Deer licenses are allocated through a lottery system.  There is near endless opportunity to hunt waterfowl and upland game.  Fishing opportunities include pike, walleye, smallmouth bass, and perch.  With over 400 fishing waters with public access, one is never too far from a productive fishing hole, whether it is open water or hard water season. 


Unfortunately, when many service members are stationed in North Dakota, they do not realize how many hunting and fishing opportunities there are.  Then there are the service members who were not exposed to hunting or fishing growing up but are interested in getting involved in the outdoors.  All too often, these service members are unable to overcome the bar of entry into the outdoors.  They do not know how to find public lands, don’t understand game and fish laws, or do not know what equipment they need to enter the field. This is the problem we look to solve through education, mentorship, and resource allocation through our BHA Minot Installation club and in coordination with the BHA North Dakota State Chapter.

For the service members on Minot AFB that want to stay connected:



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