Minnesota Habitat Watchmen


Habitat Watch Volunteers

Minnesota BHA’s Habitat Watch Volunteers serve as our “eyes and ears,” our points of contact for issues impacting specific national forests and other public lands.

If you’re interested in volunteering for any national forest, grassland or other public lands unit, let us know!

Contact Minnesota BHA Co-chair David Lien if you’d like additional information or want to volunteer.

“After seeing first-hand the enthusiasm and success of BHA as the team combatted a threat to sportsmen access, I immediately wanted to be a contributor rather than a spectator. We have great opportunity to enjoy the backcountry here in Colorado. It is important to preserve it.”

Ross Bruno, Colorado BHA Habitat Watch Volunteer

Our current Habitat Watch Volunteers include:


Hans Erdman is our currently MN BHA’s sole Habitat Watch Volunteer. He’s covering the Superior National Forest (outside of the BWCAW) and Pat Bayle & Finland State Forests.